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Meet our Dottie Scholar girls

The Dottie Scholars are a group of high achieving girls who have received high school scholarships through Dignitas. We accept a small intake each year and now have 33 girls in total, ranging from Form One through to Form Four. We’d love to introduce you to a few of the girls! Age: 18 years Class: Form 4 (just finished) Subjects: Maths, Kiswahili, English, History, Business, CRE, Chemistry and Biology Favorite Class: History Pamela Akoth When Pamela first heard about the Dottie Scholarship program, she didn’t think she had a chance. Applicants needed to score over 320 and only six girls from Mathare would be accepted. But after doing well in her final primary school exams, Pamela’s teacher called her into school just after Christmas and told her ‘Pamela, you have an application to write’. Four years on and in her final year of high school, Pamela reflected on how she felt when she first found out she had been granted a Dottie Scholarship “I felt happy – I was like ‘Ahhhhhh!!!’ First of all I thanked God for the opportunity. I didn’t even think I would be among the girls who would be chosen. So it was.. a privilege for me. I felt proud of myself!” The Dottie Scholars are provided a scholarship to St Ann’s, an all-girls, Catholic school just outside of Nairobi. Pamela describes it as a ‘hard working’ and ‘disciplined’ school, where students rise at 4am to shower and are in school from 5am – 6:20pm (“That is perseverance!” she exclaims animatedly.) Pamela loved politics and enjoyed her History class the most. After graduation, she plans... read more

Wezesha 2015

Wezesha means ENABLE in Swahili and it’s the name of our small grants program. Dignitas recognizes many schools in marginalized communities lack the basic level of infrastructure necessary to begin improving education quality. We seek to empower schools by preparing educators to independently seek financial stability and external support. As such, Dignitas provides small grants to partner schools and uses this process to coach school staff on resource acquisition and maintenance skills. In August, we launched Wezesha 2015 and invited our partner schools to submit applications for up to $1000 in funding towards small infrastructure and learning resource projects. After receiving the applications, our teams conducted a series of due diligence visits to discuss the projects with school leaders, teachers, and the school community and ensure suitability. Rather than give the schools cash, Dignitas manages the Wezesha project implementation and uses the process to introduce and train schools on financial management. After conducting due diligence visits, our team collected quotes and begun project implementation. In 2015 we implemented Wezesha projects in 14 schools! Learning Resources Distributed Worth of Grant Projects Implemented Students Benefitted Light Christian Education Centre Before At Light Christian, there was one desk for every four students, which was uncomfortable and distracting. Community schools mainly rely on small school fees to cover costs, meaning there is often a tight budget. Light Christian school leaders had to prioritize paying teachers’ salaries over buying new desks. After Light Christian received 42 student desks and chairs. The new desks allow students to sit comfortably, provide sufficient work space, and provide storage for school supplies. They have been working hard and have high hopes of passing... read more

2015: Year in Review

As 2015 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on all we’ve done and all we’ve achieved. It’s been a big and productive twelve months for Dignitas and we’re excited to celebrate another year of school transformation. Check out a few of our highlights below! January: Dignitas Staff Retreat At the start of 2015 we invested heavily in reflecting on past learning in order to develop and improve programs. The whole team participated in a retreat to set high level priorities for the organization in 2015 and beyond. February: Evaluation Tools Development Continuous learning and growth are key to Dignitas’ success. In February we developed a teacher assessment rubric and a school leader assessment rubric. Our new tools track transformation at the individual educator level, as well as help coaches and educators set measurable progress goals. March: Makini School Visit Our Dignitas Fellows had the opportunity to visit and learn from Makini Primary School, one of the highest performing schools in Kenya! April: PD Workshops We held two weeks of Professional Development workshops on the topic of leadership, developing assessments and teaching materials, and educational support for students with special needs. May: Dignitas Sports Day Ten partner schools in Kawangware came together for a inter-school sports tournament, with over 600 students taking part. June: AU Student Projects We hosted a small group of students from the American University who conducted four different research projects to strengthen our approach and programming. July: New logo and website launch We were delighted to launch our new Dignitas website and logo! And continued sharing our stories and success on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! August: PD... read more