Since our founding in 2008, Dignitas Project has actively pursued meaningful partnerships with organizations that support our mission to empower children and families in the poorest communities around the world through education and opportunity. Our current partners include:

Strathmore University
Strathmore University, USIU, & KCA University operate in Kenya among the country's top private universities awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees in various disciplines. As partners to Dignitas Project, these universities generously provide classroom space and other technical support to enhance Dignitas Project's core leadership institute program training and developing teachers, principals, and community leaders from Mathare Valley schools.
WellDone International
WellDone International is an organization of young individuals working to raise awareness on the global water crisis and provide clean water to communities in need. Since January 2010, WellDone and Dignitas Project have partnered together to provide clean water storage solutions to four schools serving more than 1,700 children and school staff. WellDone provides 100% of project funding needs while Dignitas Project manages all implementation, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
TeachAIDS is a nonprofit organization that works to address and overcome the social and cultural challenges related to HIV/AIDS prevention education. Since 2009, TeachAIDS and Dignitas Project provide research-based curriculum to support teachers and community leaders in their efforts to educate children and youth on healthy practices and prevention. TeachAIDS provides all curriculum - including an award-winning animation - while Dignitas Project leads implementation efforts and coaches teachers and community leaders in facilitation workshops.
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Médecins Sans Frontières is an international medical humanitarian organization working in nearly 70 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. With two clinical offices in Mathare Valley, MSF provides important services in HIV/AIDS and TB prevention and treatment, as well as services and resources to address sexual gender-based violence and abuse. Since 2008, Dignitas Project and MSF have worked together to enhance awareness and build skills by training teachers, students, and community members so they can prevent and address health and social challenges in Mathare.

Tailored for Education

Dignitas Project works with Tailored for Education to increase school enrollment by providing children with full school uniforms. By identifying children at-risk of dropping out or inconsistent attendance due to lack of uniforms, Dignitas Project and Tailored for Education seek to intervene in a child's life to ensure regular and sustained attendance in schools.

Women Leaders in Action (WLA)

Women Leaders in Action (WLA) is a women's group that unites senior members of US Bank to impact community-based programs. With funding support from WLA, Dignitas Project works with community- based school partners to identify orphaned and vulnerable children who need support in order to attend school and complete their education. Schools receive tuition fees and children are provided uniforms and access to enrichment programs to improve educational achievement.

Special Education Professionals (SEP)

Special Education Professionals (SEP) is an organization of qualified therapists and special needs teachers who volunteer their time and expertise to improve the quality of life of children with special needs. To support the educational needs of learners in partner schools, Dignitas Project partners with SEP to provide educational assessments and suggest interventions to families and teachers.

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital supports students in Mathare through free eye assessments, medications, and affordable, low-cost eyeglasses. Special needs cases related to vision are referred to the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital medical centre, where students are supported and empowered so that they can learn in their classrooms.

Dignitas Project works alongside these fine collaborators:

Africa Population and Health Research Center
Carolina For Kibera
I Choose Life Africa
Jhpiego (affliate of Johns Hopkins University)
Jacaranda Designs
Mathare Worship Centre
Ministry of Education
People Improving Communities through Organizing