We focus our work on the poorest, most marginalized communities in developing countries. We believe there is an unprecedented opportunity to inspire social change by identifying and supporting emerging leaders who can make change in the trenches - schools, community villages, and grassroots organizations.


We work with teachers, the people closest to the children, and provide professional development, on-site coaching and leadership development so that students receive high-quality instruction.

We also work with principals because they are critical to the school's success. We provide them with technical assistance and coaching in order to build knowledge and experience. Our goal is to develop strong school leaders that have the skills to manage and lead a high-performing, dynamic, and accountable organization in service of children and families.
We then provide strategic support and resources to schools to enhance their learning environments. New textbooks, vaccinations, clean water, HIV education, and sports equipment are just a few of the ways we co-invest with partner organizations from around the world.

We know schools cannot deliver on their promise to help children reach their full potential alone. They need help and involvement from parents and the community. We intentionally build relationships with village leaders, churches, and community-based organizations in order to connect schools with on-the-ground resources and expand the notion of "school" being solely confined to four walls.

By working to build community power through skills-based training and leadership development, we strengthen ties between school-based leaders and those within the community.

We already see remarkable changes in our early-stage efforts and believe we have an unprecedented opportunity to achieve quality education for whole communities which will ensure we:

  • Break the cycle of poverty
  • Give children knowledge and critical life skills to succeed in a profession
  • Improve gender equality
  • Accelerate community development
  • Assure human security
  • Advance national and global progress